Friday, August 7, 2009

Trinidad, CO at last!

Dan and I woke up in Amarillo, TX after a good night of sleep. Pretty quickly we started getting phone calls from the other groups that they were in or near Trinidad. We thought it would be a quick 200 miles but the route was "rural" two lane. When I say "rural" I mean desolate. The views were really great though and it changed enough in what seems like a short time to keep me interested. We climbed to over 7500 ft and never went up a mountain or anything. The altitude really sneaks up on you.

We finally arrived in Trinidad, CO and we were the last group to arrive. First to leave and the last to arrive. I hope this isn't a trend. It's great to see everyone again! Here are some pics to introduce the cast of characters.

Our hotel

Ryan Nelson

Mark Cambron

Jeff Hoffman

Lloyd Horton

Mark Cambron

Beth Williams and Bob Shields

We sorted out the bike issues, some made a trip to Walmart and we all eventually found a local pub and enjoyed a mid-day (for here) celebration drink.

After returning from the pub we milled around the for balance of the evening getting our GPS's straightened out, Slime in our tires, and fixing anything that needs to be fixed. I think we're ready to go. We'll find out at 6 am tomorrow morning.

Mark SHAVING before bed. Seriously! The rest of us left our shavers at home.

Good Night Trinidad....

Larger Picture View


  1. Glad that you made it there safely. I am sure you are ready to get out of the car and onto the bike. You are loved and missed.

  2. Joe, it is so neat that you are doing this. It is great to be able to hear of your trip as you go along and to see the photos..not to mention that it is reassuring to know you are all safe and having fun. :-)Barbara