Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 1 on the Trail; Trinidad to Salida

The route today called for 240 miles and for me these were my first on the Trans-American Trail. After I'd gone over the bike well yesterday I felt good about my chances to have a trouble free day. That illusion vanished quickly. At just about 1000ft of elevation out of Trinidad my bike started to buck, cough, hiccup, and lurch but I rode around it as long as I could put off tearing into the carburator again.

We broke into groups of three to travel together but our groups caught up with each other along the trail. That made the day more fun as we tended to meet up out of the blue, in the middle of nowhere, and break out the snacks. And at every stop we'd marvel at the 360 degree views and spontaneously tell each other how happy we were to be there in that moment. I don't think the sentiment has left any of us throughout the day but we spent the majority of the time on the bikes today to make good time.

Beth and I happened to be traveling in the same group and happened to be suffering from the same problems with our carbs. Both of us had some frustrating moments but made it into Salida under our own power. We've got homework to do. It won't get any better for us unless we find some answers. So, I'm off to go through my carb again. Pictures will be updated as I can.

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  1. Okay, so far I am REALLY jealous, no apprehension :-)
    Be safe guys (and girl).

    Thanks for the updates Joe.
    Hope you and Beth get the carb issues straightened out. Can't you just hook your lap-top up to the Power Commander and dial in a little more fuel.......? :-)