Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moving Day

My travel partner for this trip is Dan Bowman. He and I met when I lived in Pensacola, Fl and pretty much all the local riders that weren't squids formed a social group that sometimes rode together. We didn't ride due to a lack of enthusiasm but rather the relative lack of interesting riding in the local area. We did make long rides to more interesting places to ride most notably Suches, Ga. Dan and I have shared a few sport riding trips over the years. Dan moved up to North Carolina a few years ago and it made us natural travel partners for this trip. I don't see Dan very often anymore so it's a good chance to catch up on the road.

Dan graciously offered to come pick me up for the trip instead of me riding my bike in full gear to a rendezvous point to meet up. That helped a ton! It also didn't restrict me as severly on the amount of stuff I could bring along. It looks like I'm running away from home I brought so much stuff. Most of it will stay in Trinidad but I feel better having some extra tools and clothes along until we hit the trail.

So here is the bike all loaded up with gear. I couldn't be happier with the way all this luggage fit together.

Dan has a sweet work setup in his truck so he did some work while I did some driving.

We made it to Cookeville, Tn before pulling into the Fairfield Inn where Dan had reservations waiting for us. This is a nice way to travel! Dan, being the experienced business traveler, shopped for a recently renovated hotel and found us the nicest Fairfield I've ever stayed in. Still, it's always a little nervous leaving your bikes in the parking lot. Hopefully the bikes are still there when we wake up in the morning....

The goal for tomorrow is to make it to Amarillo, Tx which leaves us a short drive to Trinidad, Co on Friday. I'd like the time to go over my bike for the millionth time.

Here is a link to all 5 measly pictures I took today. I'll try to do a better job. I'm clearly not a Nelson.

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