Monday, August 3, 2009


It occurred to me today that I haven't posted our itinerary! We have accommodations for the night at each layover town so any deviation from our itinerary would require a really good reason. I've also included approximate mileage. The shorter distance days tend to be days with more difficult riding which will slow our progress. I imagine the ride time per day will be pretty consistent.

Day 1: Trinidad, Co to Salida, Co = 250 miles
Day 2: Salida, Co to Lake City, Co = 145 miles
Day 3: Lake City, Co to Monticello, Co = 186 miles
Day 4: Monticello, Co to Moab, Ut = 104 miles
Day 4 (Bonus): Arches NP long loop = 124 miles
Day 4 (Bonus): Arches NP short loop = 81.3 miles
Day 5: White Rim Trail, Canyonlands NP = 167 miles
Day 6: Moab, Ut to Telluride, Co = 202 miles
Day 7: Telluride, Co to South Fork, Co = 178 miles
Day 8: South Fork, Co to Westcliffe, Co = 162 miles
Day 9: Westcliffe, Co to Trinidad, Co = 164 miles

Total Miles = ~1700 miles

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