Friday, July 18, 2014

Continental Divide Route Part 2: Denver to Glacier

We ran out of time on the Continental Divide Route in 2012 right at the Colorado-Wyoming state line.  It was a great ride and a real adventure for me because it included a ride across the country bookending the CDR section.  While this was a big thrill for me it was a re-run for everyone else.  To spare everyone suffering through the plains again we decided to trailer the bikes out this time. 

So the plan for 2014 is to rendezvous in Denver and head back to where we left off in 2012 to finish the CDR.  Well, atleast the U.S. portion.  For years we've ridden just close enough to Glacier to be disappointed our trip wouldn't allow a visit.  So we made Glacier the destination this time.  The route from Glacier back to Denver is completely unplanned but I think we all want to ride Beartooth Pass at the eastern gate of Yellowstone. 

Maybe I'll be back with a summary and maybe I won't.  I've been so bad at keeping that promise that I'm not even going to commit anymore.  I will share my SPOT information via the map below though.  Otherwise Facebook pages of the individual riders is probably the best bet. 

Let me leave a special note for my mother here:  If I stop moving it's to enjoy the view, take a nap, swim in a lake, have a meltdown, etc.  Don't worry about me!  I have a "911" button on my SPOT in case of an emergency and a group of friends that watch out for me. 

If there is a problem with the map above or you'd simply like more of a view then please follow this link: link to the Spotwalla webpage.

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