Thursday, August 18, 2011

Epic Dualsport 2011: Salt Lake City to Denver

It's that time of year again!

Our basic route and overnight stops are:
Aug 20 SLC to Ferron
Aug 21 Ferron to Moab
Aug 22 Moab (White Rim Trail)
Aug 23 Moab to Norwood
Aug 24 Norwood to Lake City
Aug 25 Lake City to Gunnison
Aug 26 Gunnison to Fairplay
Aug 27 Fairplay to DEN

We're trying something new this year that might be fun also. We realized over the last year that it's pretty handy to be able to track each other since we can't exactly communicate well when we're riding. This works great when you can get your smart phone to communicate and this happens more than you might guess out in the middle of nowhere. So Ryan created one page where we'll be combining our tracks which makes it really easy for us to access one map to find each other. I'm "JEM" on the map if you want to check it out. I predict it looks like 9 guys having a dizzy bat race.

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