Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Programming Note

Let me recap where we stand as a group:
- Gregg has two broken ribs
- Beth's bike is in Montrose, CO
- My bike is waiting on parts in Moab, UT

After dinner the group hatched a plan to draw all these loose ends together now rather than later. Dan has volunteered to ride his bike back to Trinidad, CO, get Gregg's truck with trailer, and drive back to Telluride, CO to meet back up with the group. This gets Gregg off his bike and probably headed back to Birmingham, AL a couple days sooner. This gets Beth very close to the dealership in Montrose that has her bike (and she has their rental) so she can make that exchange with Gregg's truck and trailer. I get to wait for my bike to be ready in Moab and I'll ride to meet the group when that is done which hopefully will be tomorrow morning.

The riding groups tomorrow will be Dan riding solo, a group taking our intended dirt route, a street group, and me riding solo the short way to Telluride. I think so much of Dan's sacrifice that I'm doing his laundry. Tomorrow is going to be epic.

Here is the first half of Dan's ride:

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And now for a moment of levity. This is Dan washing off his side case in the shower. I think he knows how wrong this is....

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