Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goood Morning Moab!

Let me start with updates to yesterdays updates:

Beth: I had dinner with Beth last night so she is back with the group. Her story sounds like "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" and I was enjoying a frosty beverage at the time so forgive me if I miss some details. We left Beth in Lake City, CO which I'm guessing has 500 permanent residents. It's tiny. Dan towed Beth to a gas station and from there she was on her own. She was told there was a mechanic at the other gas station in town so she started pushing her bike that direction. A couple of motorcyclist came along and offered to tow her. Well it turns out the guy towing her knew the mechanic at the gas station and got her to the front of the line. But the mechanic couldn't help her so he recommended she visit a true motorcycle shop in Durango. She obviously couldn't push her bike there so Helpful Motorcycle Guy convinced the mechanic to load Beths bike on the trailer carrying some ATV's to another town to atleast get her somewhere with a UHaul place. So that's what happened and Beth was able to get a UHaul to take her bike to the motorcycle dealership. They had bad news: the valves were adjusted too tight and her engine is ruined. I'm dubious on this one because there are a zillion ways to measure valve gap and I trust her mechanic at home more than some yahoo at a shop. But that's the diagnosis and there really isn't any more work going on with her bike at the moment. The shop rented her a DRZ400S which is what she is riding now. At some point the DRZ needs to be returned to the shop and her bike retrieved. I don't know if there is a plan for that yet. I'd ask Beth but she got up at 5am to hit the White Rim Trail with Ryan and Jeff.

Gregg: Gregg was right in diagnosing himself with a broken rib. Actually it's two broken ribs. Gregg is back on the bike but sticking to the pavement now. That's one tough dude.

I was at the bike shop by 8 am and helped the mechanic take my bike apart to get down to the carb. He found some missing and damaged parts that must be fixed before I get back on the road. None of the parts are in town so I'm having them overnighted to the shop for repair tomorrow. So it looks like I have a free day to play with and darn the luck I happen to be in one of the coolest mountain biking spots in the U.S. I'm off to rent a bike and maybe take a tour!

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