Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tour of the Tater 2010: Map of the Route

I'm going to try to keep this post at the top this year. This is the good stuff! I'm carrying a SPOT on me (sometimes on the bike) which tracks my progress in addition to providing me a way to get help in the middle of nowhere in case of an emergency. You can follow the link and read up on the product if you are interested. What will show up here is a Google map that *should* populate with my route as I ride. If all else fails try my Spot Shared Page. If you're curious how I created this map then follow the link to Spotwalla.

Our itinerary is as follows:
Day 1: Sunday August 22 Pocatello, Idaho to Arco, Idaho - 205 miles
Day 2: Monday August 23 Arco, Idaho to Challis, Idaho - 135 miles
Day 3: Tuesday August 24 Challis, Idaho to Elk City, Idaho - 250 miles
Day 4: Wednesday August 25 Elk City, Idaho to Lola, Idaho - 160 miles
Day 5: Thursday August 26 Lola, Idaho to Anaconda, Montana - 235 miles
Day 6: Friday August 27 Anaconda, Montana to Salmon, Idaho - 210 miles
Day 7: Saturday August 28 Salmon, Idaho to Arco, Idaho - 220 miles
Day 8: Sunday August 29 Arco, Idaho to Pocatello, Idaho - 205 miles

I'll add a post daily if possible with tales from the trail. I started a Facebook Group that everyone can contribute to which will be the avenue for any breaking news. Facebook is interactive so join up and feel free to post up there. My blog will be more of a travelogue. I'll do my best with pictures but that will be largely dependent on the free hotel computer services where we're staying.

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